Art by William W Hoyt

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated by clouds. Whether it was a sunset, sunrise or storm, the formations and colors always enchanted me. Like most children I would lay on my back in the grass and look for familiar shapes, like dogs and horses and people. I use to get red bug and chigger bites for my efforts. These insects are the scourge of the Gulf Coast.


Speaking of storms, I actually enjoy them. However, that doesn't  mean I want to be in a Katrina, or an Andrew. I am not that crazy! I think it is my Celtic heritage, at least that is my excuse. I have been in several lesser hurricanes, and tropical storms. I love the raw power and boiling clouds that are accented by the lights and darks and lit by lighting. I call it the "Power and Glory" of nature. I often listen to Baroque Classical Music while I paint, which helps create the mood for paintings like that.


The bottom line is that clouds, skies, and atmospheric conditions have always been a part of my work. They have slowly become more and more prominent until they are now the subject of my work and the land is subordinate to them. The landscape gives them scale.

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